The Untapped Power of Social Sanction

Social sanction is a force that our policy makers, in the thrall of economic thinking, have neglected for too long.  It really is effective.  I once visited Calgary, in Canada, […]

The Market’s Casting Call

It is a conceit of the Left that the corporate system keeps us underfoot through the sheer weight of economic power.  Power it has, but there is more to it […]

Sweat Voltage: How to Turn Consumption into Production

It is the perverse genius of the corporate economy to constantly find ways to sell us what we used to have for free.  In nothing is this more evident than […]

Commercial Television Tries Community

Is there anything commercial television has touched that is the better for it?  Sports? Politics? Drama?  Anything?  The practice of community has been blessedly exempt, except to the extent television […]

The Right’s Own Welfare State

Why are right wing writers so dismissive of social security and other means of social support?  Could more than ideology be involved – in particular, that many of them have […]

Labor Day

Yesterday we drove out to Drake’s Beach, on the Point Reyes Peninsula, and the sand sculpture contest that is an annual event there on Labor Day week-end.  It was overcast […]

Closed Code in the White House

Business Week ran an article last month (July 10, 2006) on corporations that make a point of learning from their mistakes, and the list is shorter than one might expect. […]

The Long Tail and the Market Me

This question of the “long tail” gets under the skin in a way unusual for a business idea.  See, for example, the forth-and-back here over the last week or so, […]

The Missing Tail

Oh dear. Another red hot business notion that is going to level the old paradigm, change the world as we know it, and create piles of dough for those with […]

Go Martha

In the precincts of Rightward opinion, they dismiss concerns about the growing gap between the very rich and everyone else as the effluvium of envy and other base motives. But […]