Jobs’ IPhone: Vernacular Innovation vs. Terminator Tech

I don’t own a cell phone for pretty much the same reason I didn’t become a lawyer after I graduated from law school – namely, the brooding sense that one […]

Steve Jobs, Encloser

There are numerous ways to enclose a commons.  You can expropriate it, such as by selling off the national parks. You can despoil it, such as by dumping crap into […]

The Technology of Obedience: Corporate Research and the Invisible Hand

Is technology an independent force that evolves inexorably along a particular path – the path of best answers?  Or do the corporations that drive innovation steer it towards their own […]

Bamboo for Who?

Once again the question: who would bother to develop a technology for which they didn’t hold a patent monopoly? And once again the answer: lots of people. Today’s case in […]

Product Bias: The End of the Romance

You’ve heard about the new iPod video player and believe me, this is big. Now kids will be able to watch movies behind their textbooks in class. They’ll have another […]

Where’s Hoover?

The inkjet printer represents one of the worst business models ever devised. They sell the things for practically nothing. “What?” you think. “I can buy a printer for less than […]

Quiet the Cell, Hush the Bus

I love tools. I stop at hardware stores sometimes just to look at them. The utter economy of a screwdriver and hammer feels almost cleansing in a society built upon […]

Relationship Between Silence and Progress

I suspect I’m not the only person who read about Father Llopis and thought, ‘Good for him.’ Probably I’m not the only one either who often wished that I, too, […]

Reach out and Annoy Someone

When public space turns private, were all stuck listening to the noise