What’s un-Christian about the Christian right

Much of the Christian Coalition’s political agenda conflicts with the true meaning of Christianity: self-sacrifice, helping those in need, and universal love. The group favors a $500 tax credit per […]

If the GDP Is Up, Why Is America Down?

Why we need new measures of progress, why we do not have them, and how they would change the social and political landscape

Green Taxes

There’s a different way to think about tax reform that the Washington opinion establishment seems to have missed. Instead of using taxes simply to raise revenues, the government could raise […]

The Green Revenue Path

For Healthy Growth, Washington Should Tax Resources, Not Labor

Corporations and the Public Interest

A look at how the originally purpose behind corporate charters has been lost

TV & Me

When I was little, my uncle got me into the Peanut Gallery of the Rootie Kazootie Show, a Howdy Doody knockoff that had a brief run in the early fifties. […]