Interview with Dahr Jamail about Iraq

Hidden Aid

New Flow in the Global Plumbing

Interview with James Fallows about China

They Want to Sell the Golden Gate Bridge

The history of transportation in the U.S. has been less about meeting needs than about creating them. From the “internal improvements” of the early republic, to the railroads, urban trolleys, […]

Lakeman Talks on Intersections and Design

It could be the way cities are starting to feel like airports, with Starbucks and other chains taking over the downtowns. It could be the iPods and cell phones: even […]

How Credit Cards Cut the Invisible Thread

It is not common to associate commercial credit with such things as community and trust, but that is a symptom of how credit cards have sucked this function into the […]

Jobs’ IPhone: Vernacular Innovation vs. Terminator Tech

I don’t own a cell phone for pretty much the same reason I didn’t become a lawyer after I graduated from law school – namely, the brooding sense that one […]

Clothesline Contention and the Tragedy of the Private

It is a weird alchemy of a commodity culture that it turns the normal and sensible into the eccentric and suspect.  Natural food becomes a cultish attachment rather than a […]

Interview with Jacob Needleman

Debt Circus: The Coming Liquidation of the Commons Realm

When a debt circus starts to fold there is a desperate resort to hard assets.  The banker seizes the real estate; investors head to precious metals.  America’s biggest debtor is […]