Hidden Aid

New Flow in the Global Plumbing

Dirty Harry Saves the Bay View

Three decades ago, the Dirty Harry movies gave shape and license to the revenge fantasies that fed the law-and-order politics of the era. Is it possible that dramatic acts of […]

Missing Parents and Mega-Malls

Those Left Behind
Money sent home by immigrant workers makes a dramatic impact in developing countries. Reporting from the Philippines, Jonathan Rowe reveals that the effects go far beyond economics.

Hidden Vista: New Microsoft Operating System Means Toxic Trash for Third World

There’s an old dump in a municipality on the island of Negros in the Philippines.  It hasn’t been used for years, and it’s been picked pretty clean.  But when I […]

The Strange “Economics” of Breast Milk December 1, 2006 By Jonathan Rowe You probably heard about the woman who was kicked off a Delta flight recently for breast feeding her daughter.  She was in a […]

Can-Do Mayor of La Castellana

La Castellana’s can-do politician
Philippine mayor’s programs a model for global villages

Why Don’t We Share the Toys?

We were in the sitting area of my in-laws’ home in La Castellana, a municipality in sugar cane country on the island of Negros. The television was on, as it […]

Value Subtracted

If there is a test case for the proposition that corporate property regimes lead to the improvement of a commons, then it is food. More specifically, it is the traditional […]

Advanced Man

The privatization of the earth and all it contains ultimately is justified on the grounds of something called “progress.” To enclose a resource, or process, or aspect of life — […]

Family Planning Bush Style

Perhaps you had the impression that the Bush Administration was opposed to family planning in the Third World because of moral scruples regarding contraception and the like. Give people condoms […]