Fellow Conservatives

Out here on the edge of the continent, where the force fields of respectability and convention run thin, we like to think of ourselves as progressive, in an undogmatic way. […]

Left and Right: Our Conservative Allies

Would someone please explain what is “conservative” about the Bush Administration? They claim that banner, yes; and critics obediently oblige. But look at what they do. Run up the deficit, […]

Conservative Commoners

About half a century ago, a prominent writer described automobiles as “mechanical Jacobins” for their disruptive effects on American life and mores. It was not a young Ralph Nader rehearsing […]

Market Boundaries and the Commons of a Conservative

For people whose work is the written word, reporters can be stunningly indifferent to what words actually mean. The word “conservative” is a prime example. We have today a President […]

The Free Market is Less Conservative Than You Think

Turbo-Capitalism: Winners and Losers in the Global Economy by Edward Luttwak Book Review The notion of a conservative critique of the market can jar the contemporary mind, a little like […]

What’s un-Christian about the Christian right

Much of the Christian Coalition’s political agenda conflicts with the true meaning of Christianity: self-sacrifice, helping those in need, and universal love. The group favors a $500 tax credit per […]