Fair Game

Whose woods they are you might not know. So can you hunt in them? The question has new significance in the wake of the recent shooting of six hunters in […]

Sidewalks of the Mind

Sidewalks are one of the greatest human inventions, and one of the most unappreciated as well. They provide a means of walking, meeting, transporting, vending, and disseminating information in the way […]

Faith Based Initiatives

With a President who touts “faith-based initiatives” as the answer to the nation’s problems, it is instructive to revisit the time when people conceived their entire communities in just those […]

Takings and Givings

For years, property rights fundamentalists have yearned for a world in which they get compensation for just about every restriction on the use of their property. It’s fine for the […]

The Blessings of Freedom

For those who questioned the sincerity of the Bush Administration in its professed desire to bring freedom and democracy to the Iraqi people, the administration offers more proof: Order 81. […]

Is Happiness a Commons?

Gunnar Myrdal, the late Swedish economist, once noted the strange tendency of his profession to barricade itself against human reality. In true sciences, such as biochemistry and physics, hypotheses are […]

The Freedom Tax

The Republican president who’s raised fees on exactly the things he wants immigrants to do — work hard, play by the rules, and become citizens.

The Demand for the Commons

What happens when economic growth produces more “illth” than wealth? What happens when it gobbles up the foundation of the good life—the commons?

Our Dangerous Distance Between the Private and the Commons

Americans have retreated into cocoons of the like-minded where all they hear is echoes of themselves.

Don’t Talk Like a Twit

I was hitchhiking around England in the Spring of 1983. It happened to be the middle of an election campaign: Margaret Thatcher was running for re-election against a professor named […]