Commons Language: Provide the Words and They Will Speak

Language is a silent commisar in our political and economic life.  What we can say – what we even can think about – is a function largely of the words […]

Defending the Commons, Defending Life

In a sense, President Bush has done humanity a service. He has provided a foil in a drama that was lacking one, and set in motion a politics that did […]

The Personal Is Ideological

I’m looking at a letter I received last fall from the Social Security Administration. It’s a statement of my account: how much I’ve contributed, how much I will get each […]

Speak out for the World our Kids Will Live in

Frank Luntz, the Republican focus group wizard, says a magic phrase for Republicans is “for the children.” Talk about kids, and voters are with you. So what do people who […]

Don’t Talk Like a Twit

I was hitchhiking around England in the Spring of 1983. It happened to be the middle of an election campaign: Margaret Thatcher was running for re-election against a professor named […]

War and Warming: Polemical Blowback

Of all the sources of unintended consequences, war probably is the greatest. The forces set in motion rarely stop where the participants expect. The Civil War helped spawn the large […]