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Those Lawyers

Lawyers occupy the top tier in the demonology of the Bush Administration, right next to taxes and Saddam Hussein. Lawyers are responsible for high medical costs, the shortages of flu vaccines, the travails of small businesses and the flight of U.S. jobs abroad. As representatives of “judicial process”, they even share the blame for the nation’s vulnerability to terrorists, according to a new Administration report.

But while the polemical brush is broad, the actual target is more specific. In actuality, the Administration doesn’t have a problem with most lawyers; some of the President’s closest advisers fall into that group. The lawyers he doesn’t like are the ones that represent ordinary people injured in some way by interests that give Republicans a great deal of money, such as medical doctors and major corporations. When the shoe is on the other foot — when those interests are suing ordinary people and using the “judicial process” to extort money from them and harass them to death — then it ‘s a different story.



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Jonathan Rowe was a writer who wrote about the commons, diseconomy, economics, economic indicators, corporations, and many other subjects.
Jonathan was an editor at the Washington Monthly magazine and a staff writer at the Christian Science Monitor. He contributed to Harper’s, the Atlantic Monthly, Reader’s Digest, Washington Post, Columbia Journalism Review, American Prospect, Adbusters, and a host of other publications.

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