Our Factory of Need

The beliefs we most need to question are generally the ones we don’t notice, because they are so embedded in the drone of daily life. Wars and disasters tend to […]


A new line on terrorism

Bush’s War on Children

When kids are pitted against corporate big money in Bush’s Washington, it’s the kids who lose. Kids are the new frontier of corporate marketing.

Is the Corporation Obsolete?

Corporate Irresponsibility? Predatory Behavior? Blame the Charter — and Rewrite it

The Hidden Commons

My wife grew up in what western experts call, not without condescension, a “developing” country. The social life of her village revolved largely around a tree. People gathered there in […]

A Misguided Quest for ‘Productivity’

A nation measures what it values, and the way it measures goes far to determine where it goes. We need to pause often, therefore, and consider the litany of economic […]

Turning Kids into Capitalists

The campaign to abolish the estate tax shows the strange priorities in Washington these days. Some 20 percent of American children live in poverty. Roughly 40 percent of all families […]

Reassigning Tim Russert

Journalists express opinion on press coverage of politics and public administration

Every Baby a Trust Fund Baby

Estate taxes are a problem that most Americans would like to have. Not many do. To qualify, one has to have a nice piece of change–at least $1.3 million for […]