Accounting for the Commons

Accounting for the Commons, from Business Ethics magazine.

Why Can’t Politicians Speak for Themselves?

It was late in the afternoon, the big hearing was the next morning, and the chief counsel of the US Senate subcommittee realized that no one had written an opening […]

War and Warming: Polemical Blowback

Of all the sources of unintended consequences, war probably is the greatest. The forces set in motion rarely stop where the participants expect. The Civil War helped spawn the large […]

Grossly Distorting Perception

Measure for measure, GDP is the world’s hidden accounting scandal, the one that neither governments nor media will touch. Jonathan Rowe asks why we worship such a false idol.

Politics Just Doesn’t Get It

Ever since the recent election there has been hand-wringing and recrimination on the Democratic side. They need to move to the center. They need bold new themes. They don’t have […]

Wasted Work, Wasted Time

In the water law of the Western United States there is a strange concept of waste.  The West is the most arid region of the country.  Water is precious.  Yet […]

The Parent’s Bill Of Rights: Helping Moms And Dads Fight Commercialism

Paul Kurnit is the president of KidShop, an advertising firm that specializes in marketing to children, and he has plans for our kids. “Kid business has become big business,” Kurnit […]