Proposition 90 in California: They Sow, We Reap

Where does land value come from?  Is it from the efforts of an individual owner, or from those of the society at large to which individual owners glom on?  If […]

Takings, Givings and the Tragedy of the Petulant Me

Of all the whiners and complainers that beset the politics of this country, the “property rights” lobby is surely among the most self-dramatizing. I’m not talking about people who have […]

Take and Take

I had this lawyer. Some big guys were suing me and I had this lawyer. The big guys, they used all the tricks. Shopped for a friendly forum. Pleaded hardship […]

Takings and Givings

For years, property rights fundamentalists have yearned for a world in which they get compensation for just about every restriction on the use of their property. It’s fine for the […]