Debt Circus: The Coming Liquidation of the Commons Realm

When a debt circus starts to fold there is a desperate resort to hard assets.  The banker seizes the real estate; investors head to precious metals.  America’s biggest debtor is […]

Good Bye Night Sky

There was a time, a few days ago in human history, really, when people spent a lot of time looking at the sky at night.   To read Greek mythology, and […]

Management Lessons from the Commons: How to Make the Boss Shape Up

One of the many tragedies of the conventional economic mind is the grip that the “tragedy of the commons” has upon it.   Among other things, the “tragedy thesis,” as it […]

Walking Cities and Commons-Based Health Policies

When I lived in New York City I walked everywhere, and all the time.  It wasn’t just because driving there is insane and I didn’t have a car anyway. The […]

The Fountains of Boston: Childhood is a Commons

Am I the only one who thought of Huck Finn and the Mississippi when I read Efren Gerardino’s post about the river of his youth in the Philippines?  There was the […]

Cooperators of the Prairies

It was not accidental that the man who embedded this version into the political vernacular, Ronald Reagan, was himself reprising a role from his “B” Westerns. The late ex-president didn’t […]

The Cowboy Commons

Almost forty years ago, Garrett Hardin, a biologist, bid us to “picture a pasture that is open to all.”  This pasture was everywhere and nowhere, and inhabited by dimwits enlisted […]

Property and Freedom: Those Who Saw What Was Coming

In my last post I reflected on how an excessive assertion of property rights can turn this supposed bulwark of freedom into a threat to it.  Intellectual property is an especially […]

Reffing in the NBA

Economist Study of “Bias” in Pro Basketball Says Much about the Reigning Narrative of the Commons

If the Commons is a Form of Property, Does that Make it a Commodity?

We can become attached to the object of our loathing.  Look at Bush and Iraq, or Ann Coulter and “liberals.”  What would the gracious lady do without the nemesis that […]