Conservative Commoners

About half a century ago, a prominent writer described automobiles as “mechanical Jacobins” for their disruptive effects on American life and mores. It was not a young Ralph Nader rehearsing […]

Interview with Bob Edgar about the religious right

The Myopia of Price

Why is the commons invisible? Why does an air conditioner – and the electricity it uses – count in the computations of economic product, but not the cooling provided by […]

Disease-Led Recovery

If you doubt that economics has become a hermetic form of math that is disconnected from the world it purports to explain, then I suggest you read the cover story […]

How to Fix Almost Anything

If a problem can be fixed, there’s a way practically to guarantee that it gets the attention it needs.  Just make sure that wealthy and important people have to suffer […]

Perambulate That Parking Space

There was a time when commoners had legal rights, and could take matters into their own hands when it came to dealing with trespassers.  Centuries ago in England, people with […]

The Right’s Own Welfare State

Why are right wing writers so dismissive of social security and other means of social support?  Could more than ideology be involved – in particular, that many of them have […]

DDT: Echoes of Iraq

We were on the farm in April, my wife’s parents’ rice farm in the Philippines, and our son got sick.  At first we thought it was the heat.  But as […]

Proposition 90 in California: They Sow, We Reap

Where does land value come from?  Is it from the efforts of an individual owner, or from those of the society at large to which individual owners glom on?  If […]

Inkjet Printers, Patents and Business Plan Protection

It seems almost a law of human nature that we become replicas of that which we rebel against.   Children turn into revised versions of the parent they hate.  The karmic […]