West Marin

Why Main Street Matters

My mother’s second husband was an artist. He had a small shop in Provincetown, Massachusetts, which is about as far east as Point Reyes is west (and as circus-y as […]

Interview with John Francis about leaving for New Jersey

The Tomales problem

After a meeting of the Shoreline school board in Tomales a couple of weeks ago, I was driving back to Point Reyes Station with my wife and son. There was […]

Corporate biotech critic Chapela coming to Dance Palace

Norman Borlaug, known widely as the “father” of the Green Revolution, died last week. If you happened to read an obituary, then you probably got a paean to his work. […]

Springertime in West Marin

What the seasons are to crops, the news cycle is to life in Washington, D.C. Events move to the beat of the media drum; the tree does not fall if […]

Give Local First

There are advantages to being unincorporated, and therefore without local government, as we are out here in West Marin. We are spared the contentiousness of local politics. We exist somewhat […]

A Local Hero

When I was in college there was a member of the Boston City Council by the name of Christopher Iannella. He was not always what you might call a fount […]

Smart funny lady: Emily Levine coming to Point Reyes Station

I’ve never asked. But I suspect that Emily Levine, when she was little, used to brood over questions that no one could answer. What is at the end of the […]

On Thneeds and Needs: Why a Footbridge Matters

Today I received an anonymous email with talking points for opponents of the proposed footbridge to connect the wetlands path to Inverness Park. The contents suggest that the debate already […]

The Bridge and the Transition Zone – Part 2

It is tricky, this “nature” business. When we talk about it we are talking about ourselves, in more ways than one. (Mark Dowie explored the question evocatively on these pages, […]