A Kind of Strength

Boston was a center of student activism in the 60s, and it was common to attribute this to the many colleges there, and, more vaguely, to the city’s Abolitionist past. […]

Leave the Books Alone

It was my good fortune as a child that the local library was just a couple blocks from my elementary school. Once a week, starting in the second or third […]

Tricycle Man

Which comes first, prosperity or virtue? Jack Kemp, then a vice-presidential candidate, argued in a debate with Al Gore that material wealth comes first. Enact “supply side” tax cuts, boost […]

Air Fare

Selling is your business, your reason for being. Then you discover that people are shopped out. They want to simplify their lives. What do you do?


My son, who is a little over two, has an interest in trucks. Actually that’s like saying Tom DeLay, the House Republican Whip, has an interest in power. Josh is […]

Faith Based Initiatives

With a President who touts “faith-based initiatives” as the answer to the nation’s problems, it is instructive to revisit the time when people conceived their entire communities in just those […]

The Williams Way

Ted Williams’s body lies in a place called the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Scottsdale, Arizona, which freezes corpses for potential future use. His children are fighting over what comes […]

Ralph Nader Reconsidered

Interview with Jonathan Rowe

In the following analysis the former Nader staffer, who now writes for the Washington Monthly magazine, goes back and forth between the past and the present, praise and criticism, stating […]

Ralph Nader statement on Jonathan Rowe

Jon Rowe thought and wrote extensively about economics as if people mattered—materially and spiritually. He wanted local everything—local democracy, local media, local food growing and local friendships producing deep conversations […]