Can Economic Methadone Buy Time to Save the Economy?

This thing we call, with exquisite euphemism, “the economy”, has gotten itself into a real fix, and it goes much deeper than the interest rates and productivity numbers that the […]

Land Grab at Amtrak

If you want to kill a railroad, one of the first things you’ll do is split the tracks from the operating line and put them into a separate corporate entity.  […]

Creationism, Evolution and “Metaphysical Repression”

It seems to me that the most casual survey of the current White House, or of commercial television, or of development patterns around, say, Houston, Texas, would cast doubt upon […]

Charles and the Commons

There was a lot of eye-rolling during the week, and cracks about a media hoard that was rumored to exceed 400. Still, on Saturday, people came out anyway, lined up […]

What if the Customers are Wrong?

This is a story about a coach, and also about the market, and the tragedy it can work on the moral influences in the lives of kids. Partisans of the […]

How to Pay for Katrina

In the psychodrama of market theory, capital is the Promethean force. Its capacity to produce human betterment is without limit. It can surmount any obstacle, extricate humanity from any woe, […]

The Levees Around Us

I don’t go along with the view that the devastation of New Orleans was God’s punishment for the moral failings of some of the people there. I say that not […]

Build It and They Will Sit

I doubt Garrett Hardin ever met William H. Whyte but he should have. Hardin of course was the academic who, in abstract and theoretical terms, declared the commons inherently “tragic, […]


She said something about Josh, who was asleep on my shoulder. Such a sweet boy. Those eyes. I thanked her, asked if she had kids. A daughter, she said, eighteen. […]

The Bombast Tax

An old front in the campaign against public broadcasting opened up again the other day. For weeks, Kenneth Tomlinson, the Bush chair of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, has inveighed […]