Is Sarah Palin Right about Taxing Polluters? A Thought Experiment

I think it’s time to cut Sarah Palin a little slack. After all, not many of us would forsake the bright lights for more winters in Wasilla. Besides, with her […]

Anna Nicole and the Estate Tax

Our friends in the Yesterday Forever lobby continue to spin the estate tax as a “death tax”, as though the departed fill out tax returns from their graves, and as […]

How to Fix Almost Anything

If a problem can be fixed, there’s a way practically to guarantee that it gets the attention it needs.  Just make sure that wealthy and important people have to suffer […]

The Estate Tax and the Nature of Wealth

When I read last week that the U.S. House of Representatives had voted to eliminate most of the federal estate tax (75% of it to be exact), I was at […]

“Jingoes Should Pay for Jingoism”

A couple of days ago I saw a story about a Texas family that just had lost a second son – second and last — in Iraq. That same day, […]

Subsistence and the Commons

Southern planters faced a major dilemma after the Civil War.  Not only had they lost their slaves; now many former slaves refused to work on the terms the planters offered. […]

Turning Kids into Capitalists

The campaign to abolish the estate tax shows the strange priorities in Washington these days. Some 20 percent of American children live in poverty. Roughly 40 percent of all families […]

Every Baby a Trust Fund Baby

Estate taxes are a problem that most Americans would like to have. Not many do. To qualify, one has to have a nice piece of change–at least $1.3 million for […]

Green Taxes

There’s a different way to think about tax reform that the Washington opinion establishment seems to have missed. Instead of using taxes simply to raise revenues, the government could raise […]

The Green Revenue Path

For Healthy Growth, Washington Should Tax Resources, Not Labor