Bush and Kids: Standing Small

President Bush may be asserting friendship with “Old Europe,” as Donald Rumsfeld, his defense secretary, famously called it. But it is no secret that the Bush administration holds that part […]

The Parent’s Bill Of Rights: Helping Moms And Dads Fight Commercialism

Paul Kurnit is the president of KidShop, an advertising firm that specializes in marketing to children, and he has plans for our kids. “Kid business has become big business,” Kurnit […]

Bush’s War on Children

When kids are pitted against corporate big money in Bush’s Washington, it’s the kids who lose. Kids are the new frontier of corporate marketing.

Kids Are Obedient — to Advertisers

Children May Give Their Parents Problems and Headaches. But for Advertisers They Are Cooperative to a Fault.

Disclose donors in political ads

Political candidates are a lot like purveyors of processed meat. Both deal in unsavory ingredients they would prefer to keep to themselves–but are obliged to some extent to disclose. Thanks […]

TV & Me

When I was little, my uncle got me into the Peanut Gallery of the Rootie Kazootie Show, a Howdy Doody knockoff that had a brief run in the early fifties. […]