Jonathan Rowe

Interview with John Francis

Do You Have to Buy?

You came for the weekend and you fell for the place. Soon you were looking at real estate, and getting pretty intense. It wasn’t enough to be in this stunning […]

Interview with Juanita Romo, Josenia Romo, Imelda Macias and Elizabeth Barnett about zocalos

Why It Matters Who Owns Local Businesses

Does it matter who owns our local businesses? According to the economics texts the answer is “No.” The only question is “consumer value” which is to say, how much we […]

Shoreline Education on the Brink

To: Meredith Siebe and Sandy Kaplan, Co-Presidents, Shoreline Education Association From: Jonathan Rowe, Point Reyes Station Date: May 13, 2010 Now the ball is in your court. The jobs of […]

Meet Us at the Zocalo

We humans like to gather, and to be around other people in informal and unstructured settings. For time out of memory, places in which to do so were built into […]

Interview with Milenko Matanovic

Interview with Jacob Needleman

West Marin School: A Success Story Threatened

The West Marin School doesn’t have an easy assignment. Roughly half the students are Latino; and many of those are from homes in which little or no English is spoken. […]

A Prairie Populist Leaves the Senate

Jonathan Rowe on the retirement of his friend Byron Dorgan, a champion of workers and farmers and an early opponent of deregulating the banking industry.