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Blood sport at home and away

Broken Social Feedback: The Wealth Gap is an Experience Gap

Money is a psychological phenomenon.  It has no reality in and of itself.  Take a dollar bill to the US Treasury and demand payment for the “debt” it represents.  In […]

Good Bye Night Sky

There was a time, a few days ago in human history, really, when people spent a lot of time looking at the sky at night.   To read Greek mythology, and […]

Strange Coincidences: Tainted Toothpaste and the Intellectual Property Cops

It seemed a little fishy earlier this year when news first broke of tainted toothpaste from China. Was it totally coincidental that those disclosures came just as Congress was about […]

Management Lessons from the Commons: How to Make the Boss Shape Up

One of the many tragedies of the conventional economic mind is the grip that the “tragedy of the commons” has upon it.   Among other things, the “tragedy thesis,” as it […]

Dirty Harry Saves the Bay View

Three decades ago, the Dirty Harry movies gave shape and license to the revenge fantasies that fed the law-and-order politics of the era. Is it possible that dramatic acts of […]

Walking Cities and Commons-Based Health Policies

When I lived in New York City I walked everywhere, and all the time.  It wasn’t just because driving there is insane and I didn’t have a car anyway. The […]

The Untapped Power of Social Sanction

Social sanction is a force that our policy makers, in the thrall of economic thinking, have neglected for too long.  It really is effective.  I once visited Calgary, in Canada, […]

Working to Save Endangered Social Spaces

People have worked hard to protect our great unspoiled spaces here in West Marin and rightly so. But, we haven’t done as much to protect our social spaces – the […]

The Fountains of Boston: Childhood is a Commons

Am I the only one who thought of Huck Finn and the Mississippi when I read Efren Gerardino’s post about the river of his youth in the Philippines?  There was the […]