Product Bias: The End of the Romance

You’ve heard about the new iPod video player and believe me, this is big. Now kids will be able to watch movies behind their textbooks in class. They’ll have another […]

The Concept of the Fall

There is a dimension of tragedy to the events unfolding in Washington – tragedy in the classic sense. The White House’s woes are not the result of the usual partisan […]

This Land is Their Land

There is a grim symmetry to the gasoline act that recently passed the House of Representatives, in particular the provision to make old military bases available for oil refineries. Take […]

Who Owns the Beach

Some seventy percent of the earth’s surface consists of oceans, and we all own it. But getting access to what we own isn’t always easy. Or even possible. Here’s the […]

Harriet Miers and the Market Stalls of Manila

The hounds are sniffing for a paper trail on Harriet Miers, the President’s nominee to the Supreme Court. Yet a matter of great significance is out in the open, in […]

Sissifying the West

Theodore Roosevelt must be a tempting icon for the White House message crew to invoke. A virile Republican, a man’s man who carried the banner of imperialism with pride and […]

What if the Customers are Wrong?

This is a story about a coach, and also about the market, and the tragedy it can work on the moral influences in the lives of kids. Partisans of the […]

How to Pay for Katrina

In the psychodrama of market theory, capital is the Promethean force. Its capacity to produce human betterment is without limit. It can surmount any obstacle, extricate humanity from any woe, […]

Looting, Necessity and the Community of Goods

We reveal ourselves in our instinctive response to another’s need. When the President received reports of people breaking into stores in New Orleans, he saw a threat to property rather […]

What Greenspan Can’t See

The President’s response to his administration’s ineptitude regarding Katrina has been to distance himself from it.  He’s calling for an “investigation,” as though someone other than himself was in charge. […]