Open Source Celebration

I’ve never been one for revelry, and I have a dislike of journalistic clichés to begin with. (Does anyone besides a journalist say “revelry”?) But I did go out on […]

How They Broke the Peace

Probably most of us have heard about the informal truces that broke out along the front during the trench warfare of World War I. The story is extraordinary in one […]

Land Grab at Amtrak

If you want to kill a railroad, one of the first things you’ll do is split the tracks from the operating line and put them into a separate corporate entity.  […]

Creationism, Evolution and “Metaphysical Repression”

It seems to me that the most casual survey of the current White House, or of commercial television, or of development patterns around, say, Houston, Texas, would cast doubt upon […]

The Vise Tightens

I was in Washington this week and Capitol Hill feels like a state of siege.   The place is saturated with police – not friendly cops walking the beat, but police […]

Market Boundaries and the Commons of a Conservative

For people whose work is the written word, reporters can be stunningly indifferent to what words actually mean. The word “conservative” is a prime example. We have today a President […]

Subsistence and the Commons

Southern planters faced a major dilemma after the Civil War.  Not only had they lost their slaves; now many former slaves refused to work on the terms the planters offered. […]

Clark, Texas Has a New Name

In Scripture, the bestowal of a name was an event of great importance.  A name was an expression of character; and humans earned new ones in accordance with their inner […]

Charles and the Commons

There was a lot of eye-rolling during the week, and cracks about a media hoard that was rumored to exceed 400. Still, on Saturday, people came out anyway, lined up […]

Out of Time

We feel the crunch as “clock time” splinters into nanoseconds. Could the cure for time scarcity be a vision of the Eternal?